Will Jim Morrison Play with The Doors Again?

Jim Morrison as a Hologram?

Welcome to the future!

John Densmore has said he wouldn’t play with former bandmates, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger, as The Doors unless Jim Morrison was singing with the band again. Aside from a few jokes in bad taste, that was an impossibility until Sunday night when Tupac Shakur “appeared” at the Coachella Festival. So with the technology able to create a realistic image, can long dead rock stars appear “live” in concert again? Will The Doors cancel Jim Morrison’s cancellation to the resurrection to play again?

The hologram of Shakur, which looks realistic and not like a manufactured image, performed a couple of his songs, did a shout out to the Coachella festival itself (Coachella’s first festival was 3 years after Shakur died) and even interacted with Snoop Dogg. There were no obvious glitches and no obvious incursion of technology onstage, so did Tupac’s appearance herald in a new age of concert-going?

For the last decade Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger have been appearing in various incarnations, from the controversial “The Doors of the 21st Century” (which caused the public rift between Densmore and Manzarek and Krieger), down to the present Manzarek-Krieger Band. All the iterations of the band have featured lead singers that seem to be moving down the food chain from lead singers of bands on hiatus, to a singer of a small band, and finally to a lead singer from a Doors tribute band.

So, what does this mean for Doors fans? Fans who have always lamented being too young to have seen The Doors will no longer have that regret. Older fans would be able to relive a concert of their youth, or see it for the first time because maybe they’d indulged in too much of something the first time around. For the band the holographic Jim Morrison may be easier to appear with, since the band doesn’t have to worry about Jim being drunk or stoned, unless they programmed it into the show, and Jim also couldn‘t expose himself or be arrested onstage. But then, would a controllable Jim Morrison be faithful to an actual Doors concert?

So, what do you Doors fans think? Are you going to buy a ticket? Or would it be the ultimate betrayal of Jim Morrison? Would you prefer the leonine dangerous Jim Morrison? Or the bearded poetic Jim Morrison?

The future is uncertain, but is this just the beginning?

Originally published April 17, 2012.

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Sarah Phillips

I would buy that concert ticket so fast!! I think Jim would’ve thought this idea pretty cool.