Now It’s Weird Al’s Turn

Weird Al Does The Doors

Although Jimmy Fallon’s “Reading Rainbow” performance is remarkable, Fallon wasn’t the first popular performer to use the web to distribute Doors parody videos. That honor may belong to Weird Al Yankovic with his song “Craigslist”. Like Fallon’s performance, the song is as much an homage as a send-up, and Yankovic has said repeatedly that he’s a huge fan of The Doors. Fittingly, “Craigslist” was released primarily as an internet download and Youtube video.

If it sounds like The Doors themselves might be playing here, you aren’t hallucinating. Weird Al recruited Ray Manzarek to play keyboards when they were creating the song at the Sausalito Sound recording studio in Sausalito, California. Yankovic said that working with Ray was “one of the high points of my life”.

For his part, Ray had this to say about “Craigslist”: “It’s a spot-on imitation, and it’s Weird Al paying homage and tribute to The Doors. Even though he’s doing a parody, that’s what Al does. Al is a parody, and a very funny guy. So I’m sure Jim would have absolutely loved seeing someone do such a spot-on imitation of him. He would have gotten a huge kick out of it, as I did.”

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