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Jim Morrison in cemetery

Happy All Hallows Eve to you! The Doors were known as a band with darker overtones, and though they never specifically produced a song for Halloween, in the decades since Jim Morrison’s death a lot of ghost stories about Jim Morrison have appeared. Here are some of the best ones we’ve collected over the years.

Probably the most famous Doors Halloween story is of course Morrison’s belief that as a child, in a car with his parents in the early morning hours, he came upon a wreck of an Indian workers’ truck. He described it as seeing Indians lying over “dawn’s highway” and the blood on the road looking like “funny red paint,” but he also described it as “the first time he tasted fear.” You can listen to Morrison’s own words and telling of the story in the video above.

The Doors had offices at 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard where they recorded “L.A. Woman” with Jim Morrison famously using a bathroom as a vocal booth. A few years ago a Mexican restaurant opened in the same building (it has since closed) but the owners claimed that Jim Morrison’s ghost was haunting the building. The owners mentioned unexplained sounds, saying “The building moans and breathes…” Also reported were lights popping on and off by themselves, and in the bathroom that was Morrison’s vocal booth, sometimes the door handle started jiggling all by itself. You can read the full article at “Jim Morrison’s Ghost said to Haunt Restaurant Bathroom.”

Right across the street from The Doors’ offices was one of Morrison’s favorite places to crash, the Alta Cienega Motel. In 2011 some people spent the night in room 32 (reputedly Jim’s favorite room) and tried to contact Jim via a Ouija board. They videotaped their night in the room and put it on Youtube at “A Night with Jim Morrison at the Alta Cienega Motel.”

A woman who owns a home the Morrison family lived in when Jim was a teenager (4907 N. 28th Street, Arlington, Virginia) claims that Morrison’s ghost visited her room when she was a teenager! She could see Morrison’s apparition, which had long brown hair and would lie down on her bed. She thinks the ghost may have been trying to help her through a rough time with a boyfriend. See “Now Appearing in Arlington, VA, the Ghost of Jim Morrison.”

Last year Classic Rock Magazine ran an article titled “Rock and Roll Never Dies: Tales of Classic Rockers from Beyond the Grave.” The article leads off with a story the late Ray Manzarek related in an interview, that he’d been having a dream about Jim returning from Paris and saying he had some new songs, but before Morrison could tell Manzarek what they were he’d wake up. Manzarek related this dream to Doors guitarist Robby Krieger who reported he’d been having the same dream!

If you think Morrison’s ghost is limited to the U.S., think again, because his ghost has been reported at Père Lachaise Cemetery. In 1997 Brett Meisner visited Père Lachaise and had a picture taken by Jim’s grave. In 2002 Meisner looked at the picture again and discovered that in the background there was a wispy figure that seemed to be in a white shirt and leather pants. The Doors Examiner has the story, at “Jim Morrison’s Ghost Appears… Again.”

Originally published October 31, 2015.

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