Thanksgiving Greetings

A Doors Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving from The Doors Examiner! We hope you and your families have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, with many more to come. Of course, many of you don’t participate in the strange traditions that we have here in the USA, but please read on anyway since we want to thank you.

A little more than a year has passed since The Doors Examiner, Redux went online, and the new site is picking up right where the original Doors Examiner left off. We’re adding new readers at an astounding rate. We now have over 3,200 mailing list subscribers, over 2,000 followers on Facebook, and more than 1,100 followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of people, with many of them new to The Doors Examiner. I want to thank every person who has taken the time to read, subscribe, and share my articles. I hope I’ve lent a little insight into who, what, and where The Doors were.

I also want to thank Geoff Stratton for making this site possible. When The Doors Examiner was cancelled it was Geoff who convinced me that the internet need not be finite, that electrons would continue to flow. Then he set up the web site for this archive, and he has made the articles more professional than they were in their original form.

Around this time of year, for many of you, thoughts will start to turn to Christmas (if they haven’t already). Instead of joining a Black Friday stampede, or the Cyber Monday stack-up, you can help to support The new Doors Examiner by clicking on any of the graphics of my books and you’ll automatically be whisked to Amazon which has plenty of books ready and waiting.

Just think, you could be reading about The Doors instead.

In a matter of moments, your Christmas shopping would be done, and you could relax and maybe enjoy a nice turkey sandwich. If Amazon isn’t your style, The Book Depository can fulfill your desires for both The Doors Examined and The Last Stage. If you’d like a signed copy of “The Doors Examined” there are a limited number available, so contact Jim.

A Happy Thanksgiving from Jim & Geoff!

The Doors Examined, by Jim Cherry   The Last Stage, by Jim Cherry

P.S. If you want to read my new short story “Arrival for Duty”, please click on the link!

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juliano mazzon

feliz dia de ação de graças a ti , familiares e os amigos que como eu fazen parte deste jantar entre amigos .