The Strictly From Hunger Radio Interview

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Strictly From Hunger!: The 1968 Album
Strictly From Hunger!: The 1968 Album

Jim Cherry, The Doors Examiner, and John Morton, veteran of the late ’60s psychedelic band Hunger, recently appeared on the Wendy Windham radio show to discuss their upcoming book Strictly From Hunger. We have the full interview available below. They talk about John’s experiences in Hollywood in the kaleidoscope years, and of course they discuss the book, with some great repartee by the ever-witty Wendy Windham. John remarked that Hunger was “15 minutes of fame that lasted a year”.

To learn more about the book, you can visit its official Facebook page, and Jim Cherry has some teasers posted on his personal blog. Strictly From Hunger is going to be a must-read for fans of classic rock and pop culture who want to experience the Sunset Strip scene in ’68. John Morton lived next to Jim Morrison, met Duane Allman and Hendrix, played an original “Star Trek” cast party, and came within an eyelash of making it big before the band fizzled out.

Jim Cherry and John Morton:

Jim Cherry John Morton From Hunger!

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