Robby Krieger’s Treehouse

Robby Krieger and His Treehouse

The other day I ran across a story about Robby Krieger (the treehouse story below) and realized I hadn’t done any stories on Robby Krieger. I’ve done stories on John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, and of course Jim Morrison, but not the man who wrote “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times,” “Touch Me” (originally “Hit Me“), and “Love Her Madly,” among others. This was inadvertent, and I thought something would come up sooner. Robby is said to have an album, “Singularity,” coming out in the fall so I’ve been waiting with bated breath for that. I got “Cinematix” when it came out so I’m anxiously looking forward to his new album.

Robby Krieger's Treehouse

Robby in His Treehouse

Robby’s Treehouse: A rock star having a treehouse just can’t have ANY treehouse — it has to be cool! According to Wired Magazine, Robby had a geodesic dome installed in a back yard tree. The treehouse is based on the designs of R. Buckminster Fuller and installed by Arboreal Architect Dustin Feider for $20,000 and secured to the tree without drilling a hole into the tree. Robby said he wanted the dome so he could watch “critters scurrying through the canyon below.”

Read about Robby’s treehouse at Wired Magazine.

Originally published November 12, 2009.

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