Robby Krieger Live in Chicago, June 3, 2016

Robby Krieger at the City Winery, Chicago
Waylon and Robby Krieger Live at the City Winery, Chicago, June 3, 2016

This past Friday night, June 3, The Robby Krieger Band played at the City Winery in Chicago and played a burning show that had the audience dancing in their seats and in some cases the aisles.

The Krieger Band opened with “Break on Through” and immediately got the crowd riled up. Lead singer Waylon Krieger (Robby’s son), sporting a black leather jacket and dark sunglasses, wrapped his legs around the mic stand and became part of the stand and part of the songs. Drummer Ty Dennis (whom we were able to interview prior to the show) provided a great background for Robby Krieger to paint his aural pictures on. Every note of Dennis’ drums were crystal clear and you could hear them all the way in the back. Nathan Wilmarth, literally off to the side of the stage on the keyboards. sometimes got pushed into the background musically but rose to the occasion on the stronger keyboard-driven songs like “When the Music’s Over” and “Riders on the Storm”. Phil Chen, long time Robby Krieger collaborator (he’s been playing with Krieger since 1975), provided the other side of the rhythm section and shined with a bass solo with Robby during Jeff Beck’s “Freeway Jam” (Chen played bass on this on Beck’s “Blow by Blow” album). And the man that everyone is there to see, Robby Krieger, a rock and roll hero, delivered scintillating solos throughout the show demonstrating to the crowd why he has earned living legend status.

Originally published June 5, 2016.

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