Robby Krieger Hints at The Doors’ 50th Anniversary Plans

Robby Krieger on Uncle Joe's Garage

It seems this week members of the media, large or small have been tracking down Robby Krieger for interviews. In Billboard Magazine he’s dropped hints about plans for the 50th anniversary of the release of “The Doors”. In internet media Krieger sat down for an interview in Uncle Joe’s Garage and dropped a hint (or a hope) for his upcoming golf tournament on October 5.

Krieger’s Billboard Magazine interview is getting kicked around the internet that he’s dropping hints or talking about plans for the 50th anniversary of the release of The Doors first album. If you go to the article you may be a bit disappointed because he doesn’t mention any concrete plans. He mentions the tribute he and John Densmore were trying to put together as a memorial for Ray Manzarek, but that still seems a bit amorphous. He did mention The Doors recently “acquired a new batch of tapes from a collector”. The tapes are being reviewed to see (or hear) what’s in there, he said of the tapes, “We’re hoping there’s some good stuff in there, but I’m not holding my breath.” You can read the full article at Billboard Magazine and judge for yourself.

In an interview for a Youtube program Krieger sat down in Uncle Joe’s Garage with Scott Medlock and talked about their upcoming golf tournament, the Scott Medlock-Robby Krieger Golf Invitational on October 5 (2015). The only really surprising thing in the interview is that Krieger was hoping to get John Densmore to attend.

With all these hints being dropped about 50th anniversary plans and even if Densmore will attend Krieger’s All-Star Concert that will feature Jack Black, Cherie Currie, and Terri Nunn. I checked with The Doors manager Jeff Jampol to see if any 50th anniversary plans were, at this time solidified, and the answer was, no, and he said that plans will probably start to become more concrete in the spring of 2016. I also took the opportunity to check with Densmore’s ‘people’ to see if John was planning on attending the golf outing and that was also negative. I was told John might not even be aware of the invitation and that he would check and as of this writing I haven’t heard back.

If you would like more information on the Scott Medlock-Robby Krieger Golf Invitational as well as Krieger talking about a release of a new album by the end of the year, see the article “Robby Krieger and Jam Kitchen to Release New Album by End of the Year?” John Densmore is hosting a screening of his film “Window of Opportunity” October 28 (2015).

Originally published October 1, 2015

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