Oscar and Jim

Oscar and Jim

I suppose I should put this article in a category of ‘not quite The Doors,’ but then again it is, kind of. “Oscar and Jim” is a short film about a couple of English tourists visiting Père Lachaise cemetery to visit the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde.

As tourists Gerry (Harry Lloyd) and Emma (Charlie Covell) wander Père Lachaise they come upon the stumbling block of their relationship. She wants to visit the grave of Oscar Wilde and he wants to visit the grave of Jim Morrison. At first they want to visit both graves, but as they become lost in the cemetery and it’s getting close to closing time they must pick which grave they should visit. In doing so they argue, make love, and try to trick the other into thinking they’ve seen the grave they want to see.

“Oscar and Jim” is a charming short film (it runs about 28 minutes). The repartee between the characters is witty and believable for a couple on a weekend date that stresses their relationship more than they would have expected.

There are many options for how to see this film. One way to view the film is free on the Oscar and Jim site (although they do request a donation to support their next undertaking). The Oscar and Jim kiosk offers the choices of buying a DVD of the film, the movie poster, or a postcard, or to download the screenplay. The Oscar and Jim site also supports interaction with viewers/fans where you can write your own review, or read writer/director Iain Weatherby’s blog. And if you’re an actor looking for your big break, or even a small one, Anchovy Pictures is casting their first feature. More information is available at the Oscar and Jim website.

Editors note: The websites mentioned in the article are no longer active. This movie originally came out in 2011 but we didn’t want to cut out too much of the original article.

Originally published February 3, 2011.

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