Music Icons Magazine: The Doors, The Story Behind Every Album

Music Icons: The Doors

Music Icons Magazine has published a collectors edition of “The Doors: The Story Behind Every Album” that is on newsstands now and will be until the end of June. [Note for November 2016: It’s still available, via Amazon; or if you don’t like Amazon, you can find copies floating around Ebay and elsewhere.]

The articles live up to the subtitle’s promise. Instead of being a documentary version, the stories behind the albums are more where The Doors were when recording each album. Despite getting off to a poor start on “The Doors” with some factual missteps, the editors (the articles aren’t credited to any particular author) redeem themselves with little-known facts and anecdotes. One in particular caught my attention: the piano Ray Manzarek used on “Roadhouse Blues” was the same piano Brian Wilson used on “Good Vibrations”.

If hardcore fans find the stories and anecdotes of the making of the albums too pedestrian, the sidebar articles (usually two per album) give greater insight into The Doors, whether it’s William Blake, Shamanism, or Rick and the Ravens. I found these of more interest than the articles about the making of the albums.

Music Icons Doors Cover

With the 50th anniversary of the forming of The Doors under way, more and more histories are willing to explore the post-Morrison years of The Doors, including The Doors themselves with the recent release of “Other Voices” and “Full Circle” on CD, and Music Icons explores these releases as well. Music Icons also delves into Manzarek, Krieger, and Densmore’s solo careers. Finally there’s a guide to DVDs and books on The Doors, some parts of which are misdated and arguable, such as Stephen Davis’ “Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend” being called a top ten book on The Doors. Really?

“The Doors: The Story Behind Every Album” is on sale at newsstands through June 27; pick it up if you have a chance.

 Originally published June 1, 2015.

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