Meeting John Densmore

Meeting John Densmore in Toronto

The Doors Examiner may seem a one man operation, but in fact The Doors Examiner has correspondents worldwide (well, North America anyway) and one of them caught up with John Densmore during his book tour for The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy on Trial in Toronto this past Saturday (Sept. 28) and was able to have a brief interview with Densmore and have some pictures taken with him. Here is the report of The Doors Examiner Toronto correspondent Marina Waddingham.

(All photos courtesy Marina Waddingham.)

“We had an unseasonably warm September 28 here in Toronto. Ontario for the visit of John Densmore. Perhaps he brought the weather with him.

Densmore Meeting in Toronto

Densmore Meeting in Toronto

“The signing was at Sunrise Records and started at 2pm, I got in line at 2:12pm. I got inside at 3pm but it wasn’t until almost 4:30 that I got to meet John. I first thanked him for coming to Toronto then asked if I could meet with him privately for an article for The Doors Examiner. He said it might be possible.

Densmore Meeting in Toronto

“When he had finished (the book signing) he motioned for me to follow him upstairs. His wife was there and said “hello.” They had arrived from New York and had not had time to go to their hotel, so it had been a hectic day for them. John said of the book tour that everywhere he went there were hundreds of people that wanted to meet him and had something wonderful to say about his books, the band, him personally, and that he was overwhelmed by the people he had met not just here but everywhere. John also mentioned meeting three generations of one family that listened to The Doors, and felt deeply touched meeting them. He said it had been like this for the whole tour, total acceptance.

Densmore Meeting in Toronto

“John also mentioned that both The Nation and The Daily Beast had both changed the titles of his articles and he was not pleased!”


Thank you Marina for your report and thank you John for lending a few moments for The Doors Examiner.

Originally published September 30, 2013.

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