The Last Beat: An Introduction

The fortunes of the movie industry do seem to change with the spin of the Wheel of Fortune. The most promising movie with biggest stars can go into turnaround, or the project shelved, directors, writers, and actors drop in and out of the production, or financing for the film can disappear. As it goes with films from major Hollywood studios so it goes more so with indie-films, and one in particular has been spinning on fortunes wheel, “The Last Beat.”

“The Last Beat” is about an American rock star Jay Douglas with poetic ambitions living in Paris who becomes involved in a love triangle. The movie is based loosely on Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris. The movie stars Shawn Andrews who will play Douglas, the film will also star Cameron Richardson as Valerie Eason, Douglas’ long time girlfriend. The film will also feature character actors Kevin Corrigan and Seymour Cassell. Cassell has an advantage of having met Jim Morrison, they appeared together at the Cinematheque 16 poetry readings in May of 1969 (another bit of rock ‘n‘ roll trivia on Cassell, he is responsible for giving Guns ‘n‘ Roses guitarist the nickname Slash). The movie is being filmed by writer/director/producer Robert Saitzyk.

The Doors Examiner has followed the progress “The Last Beat” since the film was first announced in December of 2010. The film was on track with signing Virginie LeDoyen and even Cyndi Lauper, and that’s when some of the reversals of fortune struck, originally planned to shoot in Paris the film had to find a more economical alternative and Buenos Aires was chosen because of the French and European flavor to its architecture and locales. Since then Saitzyk has regrouped and is tentatively planning to raise funding for the film early next year through a crowdfunding source such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There’s also some new news to report on the film, so to catch you up:

Buenos Aires is out as a location and “The Last Beat” will again be filmed in Paris.

Cyndi Lauper is no longer involved in the film due to budgetary restrictions but perhaps if enough money is raised through crowdfunding they will be able to approach Lauper and her reperesentatives again and see if she still has any interest in the film.

The Last Beat will contain original music. Saitzyk reports that two songs have been written by Shawn Andrews, and that they have been recorded and will be released in the next week(s) on “The Last Beat’s” Facebook fanpage. The Douglas character will also be a poet who will have written a book of poetry entitled ‘American Asylum’ and you can hear a part of one poem in the trailer at the top of the article.

The new trailer that was released by Saitzyk on Labor Day and was actually only a lens test, but it looks like it actually came from a finished film. Saitzyk also reports that he will start some of the initial filming later this month.

Originally published Sept 4, 2013 

THE LAST BEAT: OPENING SCENE (Excerpt) from American Asylum on Vimeo.

American Asylum LLC

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