John Densmore on Caravan to Midnight Radio Show

Jim Morrison by George Rodriguez, 1966
Jim Morrison by George Rodriguez, 1966

Caravan to Midnight – John Densmore appeared on the Caravan to Midnight, a new podcast hosted by John B. Wells formerly of America Coast to Coast. The interview has Wells asking the question of “what happened to the ’60s revolution?” and explains he has interviewed several other members of ’60s era bands and in this 28-minute interview posits the question to Densmore. The interview seems a little contentious and Densmore doesn’t seem entirely comfortable but suggests a part two. If there is a part two we will publish it.

Early Doors Photographer – It is often remarked that in the ’60s it was easy to become a rock photographer. It was a time when the only credential you needed to was show up with a camera, and George Rodriguez is one of those photographers of celebrities and rock bands in the ’60s that fell into the job accidentally. Rodriguez worked at a newspaper in the early ’60s and the hard news photographers thought premieres were beneath them so they regularly gave Rodriguez their passes and soon Rodriguez was taking hard-to-get photos of celebrities. Rodriguez’s career also spanned the bridge of old Hollywood and the emerging Los Angeles rock scene, and as he was young enough to be interested in it, he also started taking pictures of rock stars. He took pictures of Jim Morrison and Van Morrison at The Whisky a Go-Go, and recounts in the article “Pico Rivera Photographer George Rodriguez Shot Movie and Rock Stars, Chronicled Social Upheavals” how after the show Jim Morrison and Ronnie Haran came to look at prints Rodriguez had shot. Rodriguez also shot photos of Cesar Chavez, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty and a young Hillary Clinton. For more information and to see examples of his photos visit the Whittier Artists website.

Van and Jim Morrison, Whisky a Go-Go, 1966
Van and Jim Morrison, The Whisky a Go-Go, 1966, by George Rodriguez

Originally published July 13, 2014.

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