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Welcome to my Patreon campaign 2.0. The patron premiums have been tweaked and the levels adjusted for more participation.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Patreon, it’s a crowd funding site for artists of all disciplines, as in my case writing. Instead of making a one-time contribution you commit to being a patron by way of monthly contributions. I’ve set up contribution levels that are affordable and give access to a lot of my writing. Every month more excerpts, scenes, stories, and articles will be added to a growing portfolio.

I’ve kept the contribution levels reasonable so as many who would like to participate can, which will give you access to as much of my writing you can take! For instance, the $1.00 a month level gives you access to excerpts of my novel The Third Day. Right now, if you would like to see what that novel is like, you can read the first three or four pages for free on the Patreon site.

If you’re a Doors fan, I’m sure a lot you are because you’ve subscribed to The Doors Examiner archive or read my book The Doors Examined, I have a very special premium for you. The $3.00 level is a screenplay (a work in progress) titled Dawn’s Hwy, which is a fictional look at the adventure Jim Morrison, Felix Venable and Phil O’Leno when they went out into the desert and Jim and Felix reappeared in L.A. beaten and bruised telling a story of murdering O’Leno (you can read my article The Murder of Phil O’Leno at The Doors Examiner site). As with the Third Day level, the first two scenes are available to you without making a contribution.

And those are only two of the premiums!

I hope this whets your appetite for these projects and to make a contribution to the success of these books! So, just follow the link to Patreon.com/Jim_Cherry, find the contribution level that most interests you and become a patron of the arts! Thank you for reading my articles, your continued support!

If you would like to support my work but prefer not to have a monthly involvement, my books and stories are available for purchase.

The Captured Dead (Kindle, KOBO, and only .99!)

The Captured Dead, by Jim Cherry

“…This novelette blends fact and fiction in a masterful way, where you’ll find: the tortures of the soldiers human psyche, the atrocious attempted annihilation of the Native Indian, realities of the Civil War, concepts of mysticism and questions about insanity. You’ll also find a damn good little ghost story.” Amazon customer

The Last Stage (Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble)

“Novelist Jim Cherry gets high marks for clarity–it’s immediately obvious that his The Last Stage aims for the transformative Dionysian magic embodied by Doors lead singer Jim Morrison…” Levi Asher, Editor, litkicks.com

The Doors Examined (Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble)

“Jim Cherry did an excellent job in this book. The Doors Examined is an easy and in-depth book about the events and people surrounding The Doors. I will read this one again as it gives the reader, not only an overview of the events that happened, but also how people around The Doors were responding to the events…a recommended read.” Dick Pangallo from Amazon review.

If you live outside the United States and would still like to support my effort, international sales of The Doors Examined and The Last Stage are available through the Book Depository (just follow the links).

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