Jim Morrison’s Ghost Haunts Arlington, VA Home

Arlington, VA: Jim Morrison's House

Is Jim Morrison still on tour? It has been said old soldiers never die, they just fade away. But do dead rock stars just keep on touring? A current resident of one of the homes the Morrison family lived in is claiming the ghost of Jim visits her on her bed in his old bedroom.

The Arlington, VA, home at 4907 N. 28th street is now owned by Gertrude Baron. Her daughter Rhonda claims Jim started visiting her in the room when she was in college about 10 years after his death. Rhonda said she could see Morrison, he had long brown hair, and laid down next to her on the bed, although he was transparent. She thinks the spirit may have been trying to help her through a bad time with a boyfriend.

This story has been growing on the internet all day, starting from just a blurb in a longer article titled “Our Man in Arlington” by Charlie Clark of the Falls Church News Press, and it kept on rolling until it was picked up by WUSA9 news. Watching the video of the news report has its lighter moments as the reporter in the field sang Doors songs to people asking if they knew who Jim Morrison was.

This isn’t the first time the ghost of Jim Morrison has been reported in The Doors Examiner. The restaurant where The Doors workshop used to be has said Jim’s ghost haunts the washroom. And of course the Brett Meisner photo which is purported to show Jim at his Pere Lachaise grave.

Originally published May 12, 2011

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