Jim Cherry’s Intro and Bio

I wrote The Doors Examiner for almost seven years, from August 29, 2009 until July 1, 2016 when The Examiner closed its virtual doors. Over the course of those years The Doors Examiner covered every aspect of The Doors, from their history, current projects, new releases, tours, reviews of book and CD releases, profiles of people in The Doors orbit, news stories that became available about the band in recent years — in short, anything fans would like to know about the band.

During the tenure of The Doors Examiner I wrote close to 1500 articles and a compilation book of the first three years titled “The Doors Examined.” This archive can be considered an extension of that compilation, and when finished will accurately document The Doors Examiner. It should be noted that not all 1500 articles will be published, as some were dated material, notices of tour dates and appearances, while others were brief reminders or updates for fans. In the case of Doors history articles, in seven years there was the opportunity to approach the same material from different angles, and in those cases only the ‘perfect’ version will be published. When the archive is finished we anticipate there will be approximately 1000-1200 articles published. As you can see, the number of articles published is nowhere close to that number, and we will be publishing and updating the archive at least weekly, so we hope you will check out the archive regularly. I’m hoping this will be a useful resource for Doors fans and rock and roll enthusiasts seeking information on The Doors. In writing these articles I’ve striven to present the most factually accurate information possible. Occasionally the information was wrong but it was corrected. When possible I have cited sources. In the case of Doors history articles I usually used 2-3 books for my information and in those cases attribution is provided at the end of the article.

Jim Cherry

I’m also the author of the novels “Becoming Angel”, “The Last Stage”, a book of short stories called “Stranger Souls” and a short that is available through Amazon Kindle and Kobo (and their supported devices) titled “The Captured Dead”. I’m currently working on a novel “The Third Day” which is in a rough draft stage. I also have at least two more novels in the planning stages.

I would like to thank The Doors fans who have read, subscribed and supported my efforts over the years. I would also like to thank Mr. Geoff Stratton for the opportunity and the resources to present this archive, and for his hard work on their presentation. I’ll think you’ll find, as I did, they look really cool!

Thank You!
Jim Cherry
Writing under the influence of rock and roll!