Jim Cherry vs. AXS

Jim Cherry vs. AXS

This is an article I probably shouldn’t write, not that it’s going to offend anyone, but because it might turn you onto something that I don’t want to turn you onto. It is something that I want to warn you about in your internet travels. AXS Entertainment has posted some of my old Doors Examiner articles on their site without my permission, without compensating me for their usage, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to edit the articles without my input or approval.

As you may remember, The Doors Examiner, as with all of The Examiner columns, was shut down July 1, 2016 by AXS which had bought The Examiner a few years prior. Because The Doors Examiner had been one of the top five most widely read music columns for a year (and in the top ten since 2015) I was asked by AXS to bring my Doors articles over to AXS. I wrote an article about the relevancy of The Doors in the 21st century. The article was censored and labeled a ‘rant’ because I mentioned today’s unsettled political environment which mirrored the politics of the ’60s.

(Editor’s note: We have published this article in its original uncensored form here.)

Since The Doors were, and still are, a controversial group I didn’t feel I could write about The Doors experience while trying to second-guess AXS censors/editors on what is controversial and what isn’t. (As a writer my opinion is that nothing is too controversial to be written about.) Indeed art sometimes needs to be confrontational and controversial to make a point, so I opted out and decided not to provide any more content for AXS. Afterwards I did check to make sure none of my articles were being posted by AXS, and none were.

That is until a couple of days ago I was sent an email that contained links to Doors Examiner articles that were being posted by AXS. Looking over the articles a couple reactions came over me. First, I was appalled that AXS would post articles when we so obviously disagreed on the terms of the articles’ content. Secondly, I was mystified as to their choice of articles that they posted, since most of them were of timely and long-past events with only a couple still having any relevance. I immediately contacted AXS and voiced my concerns over the publication of these articles. As of this writing I haven’t heard anything back from AXS, nor do I expect to.

If you run across any Doors related articles with my name on them, and they are not on The Doors Examiner, Redux, these articles are not my “official” articles. They are being edited without anyone having consulting me and without my approval. I’m not being compensated for their usage and AXS has taken it upon themselves to reprint them without my permission in a bit of literary eminent domain.

If you’re looking for the articles I formerly wrote under the auspices of The Doors Examiner, the only place to find official, approved versions of these articles is at The Doors Examiner Redux. This site, while not run by me, has my permission to publish the articles and as administrated by Geoff Stratton have made the articles better-looking than maybe even their original publication. The articles on the Doors Examiner Redux site come right from my files and while they may be edited slightly since their original publication, they’ve been edited by their author, me. If you would like to support this site you can by telling friends and fellow Doors fans about the site (don’t forget the link!), you can subscribe by clicking on the red subscribe button on the right hand side of the page and enter your email address and as articles are published you will get an email alert. You can also purchase my books “The Doors Examined” or “The Last Stage” from Amazon via the graphic links on the right hand side of the page. Thank you for reading!


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