Jim Cherry and John Morton Radio Appearance

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Strictly From Hunger!: The 1968 Album
Strictly From Hunger!: The 1968 Album

Jim Cherry and John Morton will appear on the Woody with the Goodies radio show this Sunday December 4 at 8:30pm Eastern time*. We’ll be talking about John’s time with the band Hunger! who were one of the biggest bands on the Sunset Strip in 1968. John lived next to Jim Morrison, was friends with Duane Allman, watched Jimi Hendrix record “Hunger!”, and played at a Star Trek cast party, and just as they were about to go national things fell apart with producers Ahmet Ertegun and Robert Stigwood. While Hunger! and John Morton never achieved their rock and roll dreams John knew a lot of people who did and we’ll talk about the book Strictly From Hunger! that we’re writing about John’s time on the rock and roll edge.

* 7:30pm Central, 6:30pm Mountain, 5:30pm Pacific. For listeners not in North America, here’s a handy Time Zone Converter.

Jim Cherry and John Morton:

Jim Cherry John Morton From Hunger!

The first couple of chapters, in draft, are available on Jim Cherry’s blog at https://jymwrites.wordpress.com/.

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