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Keeping an eye on the internet sometimes you pick up breaking news on The Doors, and sometimes there are the smaller bits of information that you can find.

This first one is pretty cool. How many bass players did The Doors have? Zero? Or twenty of them? Ultimate Classic Rock Magazine has compiled “The Secret History of Doors Bass Players.”

Harvey Levin (trust me I’m a lawyer!) of TMZ fame (or infamy) has claimed that he saw The Doors at his high school, Cleveland High School in southern California, and they played “Light My Fire” before it became a hit. Levin’s staff doesn’t seem to believe him. A TMZ film crew saw Robby Krieger at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and asked him about it, and Robby confirmed The Doors played at the high school. Watch the video at TMZ.

Legs McNeil co-founded Punk Magazine and claims he and his co-founder John Holstrom were the first to use the term “punk” to describe that variety of rock music (this is much disputed). McNeil also wrote “Please Kill Me”, a history of punk rock and the number 1 seller of all books about punk rock. McNeil also seems to have known Jim Morrison’s drinking pal and actor Tom Baker (the original ‘actor out on loan’?), and hung out with Norman Mailer. In McNeil’s column at he relates the tale in “Getting Fucked up Tom Baker, Norman Mailer, and Jim Morrison.”

“Doors fans aren’t made, they’re born!”

Originally published April 17, 2015.

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