“Glee” Features “Hello, I Love You”

"Hello, I Love You" on "Glee"

Last night’s episode of “Glee” featured The Doors, in particular “Hello, I Love You.” Glee is the hot new show on FOX that aims to show that there’s a whole lot of drama (more like a soap opera) in your local high school glee club.

The episode titled “Hell-O” in which the Glee club coach Will is trying to motivate Finn, who is suffering a confidence problem because he isn’t sure if he wants to date Rachael. Will tells Finn he needs to connect with his inner rock star, Jagger or Morrison. Finn sees himself as the “Glee” Jim Morrison and “Hello, I Love You” ensues.

“Hello, I Love You”, like the other songs used in “Glee”, has a music video quality, and they jump around in time and space in choreographed synchronicity around the school. But the songs featured in the show do move the action along and help define the characters, acting as dialog between them.

I’ve never watched the show myself or at least a whole episode, but it’s a cute, quirky show, maybe like “Fame” with some of the ambition toned down. It is a well-written show, and I was easily and instantly able to identify with the characters. It may be a little cliché in outline, but they’re really drawn and filled out even in the course of one episode. In “Hell-O” there were some laugh-out-loud great lines like “I’m engorged with venom,” “dolphins are really gay sharks,” and “most of the vocal directors I make out with are gay.” If you‘re a fan of “Glee” I‘m sure you know who said those lines and if you‘ve never watched it before (like me) you‘ll find it funny and entertaining.

This isn’t the first time music of The Doors has been featured on a TV show. Most recently an entire episode of “Cold Case” featured The Doors’ songs. Individual members of The Doors have even appeared on the shows, such as Robby on Married With Children, and John appeared on Square Pegs in 1982.

Originally published April 14, 2010.

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