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Doors Movies

Some Doors documentaries and concert footage.

Mr. Mojo Risin’: The Story of L.A. Woman
What it says: The inside story of The Doors’ classic final album with Jim Morrison.
When You’re Strange
Documentary about the band, narrated by Johnny Depp. Includes outtakes from Jim Morrison’s film “HWY”, and “Feast of Friends”, which The Doors filmed on their Summer ’68 tour. Our review.
The Doors Collection
Full-length versions of Doors films “The Soft Parade”, “The Doors Live at the Hollywood Bowl”, and “Dance on Fire”, including classic TV appearances (Ed Sullivan, Jonathan Winters) and bonus material. Good commentary by Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, and Doors engineer Bruce Botnick.
The Doors R-Evolution
Remastered Doors concert footage, videos, and TV appearances, spanning the band’s career.
Live at the Bowl ’68
The full Hollywood Bowl concert from July 1968, with bonus material.
Feast of Friends
The remastered “Feast of Friends” movie that The Doors filmed on their North American Summer ’68 tour, with bonus footage and concert material.
Live in Europe 1968
The Doors invade Europe, narrated by Grace Slick and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane.
The Soft Parade
The original “Soft Parade” film on VHS. Concert shots and behind-the-scenes material that was previously unavailable.
Dance on Fire
The original “Dance on Fire” on VHS. Classic music videos and TV performances.

Doors Non-Fiction Books

No One Here Gets Out Alive (Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman)
Infamous, controversial biography of Jim Morrison that triggered The Doors’ resurgence of the 1980s. This book turned “The Lizard King” into a cultural icon, but there have been questions as to how much of it is true.
My Days With The Doors (Doug Lubahn)
The man probably closest to being the “Fifth Door”, Doug Lubahn played bass on The Doors albums “Strange Days”, “Waiting For the Sun”, and “The Soft Parade”. His book entertainingly describes his experiences with the band.
The Doors FAQ (Rich Weidman)
Solid Doors reference book with a lot of good info for fans.
I Remember Jim Morrison (Alan Graham)
Alan Graham married Jim Morrison’s sister Anne in 1966, and he’s published this memoir of the Morrison family and his famous brother-in-law. A different perspective of Jim Morrison.
Final Resting Places: Orange County’s Dead & Famous (Michael Thomas Barry)
Michael Thomas Barry published this after he tracked down the gravesite of Pamela Courson Morrison in Fairhaven Cemetery, Santa Ana, California. An interesting trip through California and Hollywood history.
Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together (Frank Lisciandro)
A collection of interviews with various friends and associates of Jim Morrison.
Riders On the Storm (John Densmore)
John Densmore’s searching memoir of his time before, during, and after The Doors.
Light My Fire (Ray Manzarek)
Ray Manzarek’s memoir of growing up in Chicago and playing with The Doors.
The Doors Unhinged (John Densmore)
John Densmore’s recollection of the court battle in which he and the estate of Jim Morrison fought Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger over the use of The Doors’ name. A good read for Doors fans, and ultimately redemptive.

Doors Fiction Books

Glimpses (Lewis Shiner)
Ray Shackleford travels to the ’60s to reclaim rock and roll’s lost heroes and artifacts: “Smile”, “The Celebration Of the Lizard” and the legacy, and life, of Jimi Hendrix.
The Poet in Exile (Ray Manzarek)
Ray’s “what if” novel that posits an alternate history in which Jim Morrison is still alive.
Burn Down the Night (Craig Strete)
A coming-of-age story in which a homeless teenager in the ’60s bumps into Jim Morrison at a party in Venice Beach.