Early April 1964: Jim Morrison Appears in FSU Promo Film

Jim Morrison, 1964 Student Film

It’s well known that Jim Morrison went to the UCLA film school to make movies, but there hasn’t been a lot of information about his pre-UCLA artistic activities. We know that at Florida State University Jim was in a production of “The Dumbwaiter” because there’s a picture of him on stage. We also know that he was reading early poems at the Beaux-Arts while still at FSU, but until a few years ago we didn’t have any evidence of Jim making or being in films before going to UCLA.

In late February or early March of 2005 a film surfaced of Jim Morrison performing as an actor. It wasn’t any ordinary film, it was a university-produced film and shows a clean-cut Jim Morrison in button-down shirt and a suit (you’ll notice in the first scene he is wearing boots). It’s a fairly standard ‘60s informational film on college tuition, and Jim’s acting in it wasn’t going to get him an academy award, although his line reading was smoother than the school administrator who shares one scene with him.

The anecdotal evidence seems to show the film was released in early April 1964, after Jim had already left for UCLA.

Originally published April 1, 2011.

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