April 25, 1974: Pam Courson Dies at Age 27


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Pamela Courson at the Bronson Caves, Los Angeles
Pamela Courson at the Bronson Caves, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, March 1969. Photo by Edmund Teske.

Pam Courson, who Jim Morrison called his ‘cosmic mate’, died on April 25, 1974 apparently of a heroin overdose. Even though a biography of Courson and Morrison, “Angels Dance and Angels Die” (published 1998), explored their relationship in detail, for the most part Courson looms in the shadow of Morrison and The Doors, peeking out every once in a while.

Biographers and even The Doors themselves are unsure of exactly when Jim met Pam. Ray Manzarek has them meeting at the London Fog and that drummer John Densmore was the first one interested in her, while Arthur Lee has said that Courson was his girlfriend and in trying to emulate him Morrison somehow won her over. Other stories a little more inchoate say they met around the time The Doors were playing the London Fog, or maybe a little before, and they were attracted to each other because they both had a dangerous, adventurous side that pushed and challenged the other to greater degrees of risk.

Courson was born in Weed, California, on December 22, 1946, and lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, much as Morrison did. Before she ever met Jim Morrison, Courson was rebelling on her own, cutting classes in school, smoking cigarettes, and hitchhiking to L.A. Courson was interested in design and fashion, and with Morrison’s money she opened a boutique on Santa Monica Boulevard called Themis (after the Greek God of justice). Morrison invested heavily to decorate the shop, festooning it with peacock feathers on the ceiling. Soon Courson was traveling the world and buying “the hippest clothes from around the world” to stock the shop. The store was opened by appointment only and had clients such as the actress Sharon Tate.

Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, Bronson Caves, Los Angeles

After Morrison died, Pam took it badly and blamed herself for his death. Many think that Morrison may have gotten into Pam’s stash of heroin and in combination with the alcohol in his system it arrested his heart. Ray Manzarek recalls seeing her once after Jim’s death and all she could do was cry while Manzarek held her.

Courson’s life after Morrison spiraled out of control. She sued The Doors for Morrison’s share of the royalties, and some have alleged she took to prostitution. Such claims are unverified, and come from those with an animus towards Courson. Danny Sugerman, in “Wonderland Avenue“, reports that Pam had taken up with a UCLA film student who had started a band, trying to relive her early years with Morrison. Shortly before her death, Pam won her lawsuit with The Doors and was recognized as Morrison’s heir. One thing that is undeniable is that she became more involved with drugs after Morrison’s death, until, in what is a self-fulfilling prophecy, she died on April 25, 1974. Like Jim Morrison she died at the age of 27 and under mysterious circumstances of what was likely a heroin overdose.

Originally published April 25, 2016. An earlier version of this story appears in “The Doors Examined”.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Pam was Jim’s “cosmic mate” in so many ways. As pretty as her pictures may be, everything I read those close to her say she was far more strikingly beautiful than that. Easy to accept, but what is hard to accept is both hers and Jim’s “Greek tragedy” destinies. If only we could have their greatness and presence and not the fateful missions.
    I read elsewhere today that she was also a pretty funny character. Not just wild or a muse but actually witty. What a bonus. A beautiful soul, gone too soon. God bless you Pamela.

  2. His muse? Possibly. Comic mate? Perhaps. One thing is certain– she was the worst type of person for someone like him. She killed Jim Morrison, one way or another…

    • Alex,
      I think they were pretty bad for each other, as described today they were codependent on each other and both pushed the other to an extreme. I think it was pretty equal in that department, and Jim Morrison didn’t seem to be anybody’s fool so I don’t think she could have pushed Jim if he didn’t want to be pushed.

      Thanks for all the support Alex! Hope you’re doing well!


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