The Doors Live in New York Delayed

Live in New York Boxed Set

Ann-tisssss-a-pation. The Doors’ manager, Jeff Jampol, reported on The Doors’ message board that the “Live In New York” CD of The Doors 1970 shows at the Felt Forum will be slightly delayed from its original release date of November 10. Jampol said it will be “delayed a week or two because of legal issues. We have to clear up some legal publishing issues for the free downloads we’re offering with the Box Set.” Two songs that were offered for download were reproduced twice, once for a download and once on the CD. Since the songs aren’t Doors songs permissions are needed to be cleared for the second usage. Jampol didn’t give a specific date other than saying in his release it will be “a week or two” for the release but Amazon has changed their release date to November 17 of this year.

Also according to Amazon, thanks to pre-orders The Live In New York CD boxset is rated at number 209th in music sales.

Originally published  November 3, 2009.

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