Boy George and Jack Black with Robby Krieger on Conan O’Brien

Robby Krieger, Jack Black, and Boy George on Conan O'Brien

The Doors have influenced a lot of artists throughout the years, but who would have thought they influenced Culture Club? George Dowd, aka Boy George, was on the Conan O’Brien show tonight (July 12, 2015) and when he mentioned The Doors as an influence, Conan encouraged him to sing “Hello, I Love You” with fellow guest Jack Black and special guest Robby Krieger assisting on guitar.

George and Black traded off verses in an obviously rehearsed segment (after all, Robby Krieger very rarely hangs around the set of the Conan O’Brien show). Black’s voice was surprisingly good and he didn’t add any comedic touches, except for his own brand of dancing towards the end. Dowd’s voice was a surprise, having a bit more fullness and a bit more machismo than the more dulcet voice of his Culture Club days.

Krieger provides some of his classic fuzz tone and slide guitar on the elastic bridge of the song, with Dowd joining Krieger to dance to Krieger’s solo the way only a seasoned lead singer can do to highlight the guitarist.

Originally published July 14, 2015.

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Saw it on fb. ODowd did sound good, but the performance by him an Black was awful. Might’ve been better as an instrumental. Krieger was fine, as usual.